Consulting — Mergers & Acquisitions

We work with private equity groups and companies to introduce them to investment opportunities from our deal originations and consulting services. In deal origination, we seek out investments that satisfy our own criteria; and, we also look for opportunities to run a formal sale process for a client.

Helping us in the M&A arena is the fact that Mentor is the lead investor in StatTrader, a deal incubation system that contains a comparative platform featuring a network of connected deal stats. Investors, banks and operating companies use the system to monitor closed deal valuations v. their own investments; and, to find opportunities to buy or sell a business.

General Consulting Services
On a consulting or hourly basis, we help in evaluating business plans (particularly turnaround or M&A strategies) and also evaluate product positioning, pricing, promotional and distribution plans. We also oversee and help management implement critical initiatives for investors, lenders and banks.

Contracted Services
When we are engaged as a contracted service provider (longer term basis) we would serve as an interim CEO, CFO, COO or CRO to either run the company or oversee a significant event or transition. Examples would be orchestrating a turnaround or restructure, or perhaps negotiating an asset or company acquisition, overseeing due diligence and also integrating an acquisition post transaction.

"Mentor Partners provided us with some general advice, specific research and a positioning plan to take advantage of opportunities that the Internet presented within the Aluminum business. I can highly recommend them."

Greg Palen
Chief Executive
Spectro Alloys Inc.