We target investment opportunities where owners or managers are in need of financing a buyout or recapitalization. Our expertise is in turning the business into a merger or acquisition (M&A) platform. We finance the initial MBO or ownership recapitalization and contribute resources related to finding, negotiating and integrating future mergers and acquisitions either on a consulting basis or by taking on a "C" level role in the organization.

Target Sectors
Since we like to team up with managers that know the industry, we are industry agnostic. That said, we have a particular expertise in traditional manufacturing, distribution, consumer products and business services, all industries in which Mentor's principals have deep experience and expertise. In some investments, where sellers either partially finance or remain investing partners, Mentor's ability to provide additional resources and management support sets us apart, and adds value and comfort post-closing.

Investment Sizing
Direct equity investments can be financed through either our Mentor Fund or our Restructure Fund if they fit our criteria. These would typically be an equity check of less than $5.0 million. We also tap our national network of private equity investors and strategic buyers. Strategic buyers and professional investors are members of our M&A network. In general, we make investments or introduce equity investments and/or loans in companies from $250,000 to $50 million.

"I worked with Mentor Partners successfully on two acquisitions, one a $20 million + credit facility and the other an accomodation of an alternative financing facility. I was impressed with how resourcefully they integrated these acquisitions, and can highly recommend as a business or financial resource."

Al Degemmis
Senior Vice President
Citibank, N.A.